National Dental Hygiene Month

October is here and what comes to mind for you? Is it your current dental hygiene habits? While we can be hopeful, we highly doubt that with all the holidays on the horizon that your dental hygiene is what is going through your mind. But we are here to announce that October is National Dental Hygiene Month.

So what is Dental hygiene month all about? It is a combination of us spreading education to our patients about the importance of good oral health and celebrating our amazing dental hygienists. 

So what should you do to make the most of National Dental Hygiene Month? We’ve got all that information for you today. 

Celebrate Your Local Lindale Dental Hygienists

What do you think your dental hygienist’s main job is when it comes to your smile? Most people think that it is simply just cleaning your teeth. But it is so much more than that. 

Your dental hygienist is responsible for things such as examining your mouth and assessing your overall health and wellness. Which is a vital part of your dental checkup

Hygienists also take dental x-rays to check for any problems in places that aren’t easily visible, such as in between or underneath your teeth. And they do the all-important part of educating you on ways to keep your mouth healthy. This can be anything from tips on teeth healthy foods to pointing out symptoms of gum disease

But when it comes to the cleaning itself, it isn’t an easy task that they perform. It involves meticulously removing plaque and tartar from around your gum line, to ensure your teeth are in the best possible shape they can be. They also will make sure that anything that looks out of the ordinary will be pointed out to the dentist. 

Our dental hygienists are amazing, and we are so lucky to have them. So the next time you are in for a dental procedure or a dental checkup, be sure to thank them for everything that they do!

Make Sure That You Have A Good Dental Hygiene Routine

We all know that brushing and flossing your teeth is a vital part of your dental hygiene routine. But are you properly doing these things? Here are some tips for proper brushing and flossing:

  • Brush your teeth gently- brushing harder doesn’t mean you are brushing better
  • Brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle
  • Don’t neglect your tongue-tons of bacteria reside on this surface and it can lead to bad breath, you can even try a tongue scraper if you feel necessary
  • Brush Twice a day-2 minute each time
  • Floss every day

In addition to having a great routine at home, you should also be visiting your dentist semi-annually for your dental checkups. These checkups are going to be very important in keeping your teeth looking and feeling their best. 

You want to come in for your cleanings to see your hygienist regularly to remove any tartar build-up and detect any potential problems before they worsen. We never want any small problems to worsen into something that could require a more intense dental procedure. 

Even if you feel like your teeth are looking shiny and beautiful, there could be things lingering under the surface of your teeth that only your dentist can see. This is why your wonderful dental hygienist takes X-rays to make sure that everything is looking good underneath the surface of your teeth. 

Schedule Your Appointment Today 

When was the last time you came in to see your favorite dental hygienist? If it has been a while, maybe it is time that you called and made your appointment for your annual dental checkup. 

But, the year is starting to wind down, so don’t wait too long before the rush of the holiday season takes over and your schedule gets overwhelming. Call us today and get your appointment set, (903) 231-6605.