Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite Fillings

Our patients want their dental health to be personal, and we agree. There is no reason that the world needs to know about dental work that you have had done. Those traditional silver fillings can stick out of your mouth as almost a flashing sign indicating previous work, that’s why we don’t use them. Tooth colored fillings look better, in fact they are invisible in your mouth, the material used today is stronger, and research proves that they are even healthier than silver fillings. At The Center for Implant and General Dentistry, we love tooth colored fillings for health reasons and because they give our patients a more confident smile!

Cavities, decay and fillings is the most common restorative dental work performed. Most of us will require a filling at some point in our lives. In years past Dr. Clay Keith and Dr. Paul Denson, along with all dentists, used traditional silver amalgam fillings to restore damaged teeth because it was the stronger of the two options. But strength is no longer the dividing factor between the material choices. Tooth colored fillings are stronger than ever. Using a blend of quartz and resin, our patients can have tooth colored composite material placed in the biting surfaces of their teeth without the worry of lacking durability. Our patients love composite fillings because they can be shaded for an exact match to their neighboring teeth, meaning no one will know.

What is composite filling?

Tooth colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, is dental material that is similar to putty in both texture and look before it dries. We are able to manipulate this material to any shape, molding it to the specifications needed for each patient. Composite is a blend of crushed quartz and a strong resin material, which we mix together at the time of placement. Once we have the material placed, shaped, and ready, we then harden it with a specialized blue light. The end result is a durable and hard material that should last for many years with normal wear.

Repair Work Using Composite Fillings

Most often, composite material is used to restore teeth after removing decay, but it also be used for more. We are now making simple repairs to teeth with composite material, this process is known as dental bonding, and we can make a significant difference in the look of your teeth including:

• Chips:We can repair chipped teeth with composite filling material.
• Gaps:If you have a gap between your front teeth, and do not want the time and money investment of braces, we can close that gap with composite material.
• Fractures:Teeth that have been damaged from fracture can be repaired with composite material.
• Cracks:Patients who suffer from Bruxism, which is the grinding or clenching of their teeth, can cause tiny hairline cracks in their teeth which allows passage for bacteria into the tooth and can lead to needing root canal therapy. We can fill in this tiny cracks saving the patient from infection and damage.

Dental bonding will not last forever, or offer the same durability as a crown, but is quite durable and should last the patient several years.

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