Why Your Teeth Want You Eating Fiber

Fiber is an important item that we all need to eat. However, only a few of us actually get the fiber that we should. It isn’t just our stomach that wants us to eat fiber, either. It is most of our body, including our teeth. If you want to have better oral exams in the future, you may want to consider eating a lot more fiber. Your dentist is sure to notice that you are eating more of the healthy foods they recommend.

What Fiber Does to Your Teeth
Fiber is a great cleaner. It helps scrub your teeth with each bite you take. The more fiber you end up eating, the healthier your teeth are going to be. Consider celery as a great example. It takes a good amount of effort to chew up thoroughly, plus it is fibrous. This means that as you chew it up, each of those little strands is acting like a strand of your toothbrush.

The more you chew, the cleaner your teeth are left at the end. By eating a wide variety of produce, you can add a significant amount of fiber to your diet and the benefits straight to your smile.

Give your body the benefits that come along with eating fiber. Eat fruits and vegetables in their raw form whenever possible to increase the benefits you get out of your foods. Then, if you want to see what type of improvement it is making with your mouth, go in and see your dentist.

They have a record of how your mouth looked over your last few visits, so they can compare your mouth now to the health they are used to seeing. Fiber is great for you, and shouldn’t be overlooked as a part of your diet for a healthy mouth.

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