Why You Want Your Dentist Using Intraoral Cameras

There are many technological advances that dentists can use to help maintain your oral health. For a long time, standard cameras and x-rays were the norm. Then came digital x-rays and panoramic shots.

Now, your dentist should be using intraoral cameras to help maintain your oral health. These allow your dentist to see even minute changes that occur in your mouth, in real time. There are quite a few benefits that you and your dentist both get when they use intraoral cameras to help your mouth.

Perks of Intraoral Cameras
The biggest perk that most dental offices notice when they begin using intraoral cameras is that their patients are able to be much more interactive in their own care. Instead of just having to trust what the dentist says, they can see the things that the dentist sees and become more proactive. This helps them achieve higher levels of oral health, plus keeps them striving to better their own oral hygiene habits.

Another perk of using intraoral cameras is the ability for those cameras to pick up on changes going on within your mouth. The cameras are able to detect small changes, and the images can then be compared to the last set of images. This lets the patient and the dentist to work together to see what type of changes are going on in the patient’s mouth.

Having intraoral cameras can make it to where dentists and their patients get closer, healthier relationships. It can help people feel more proactive about taking care of their mouth.

This can boost a person’s oral health simply by their desire to keep the pictures that the camera takes looking great. If you want to know what type of camera system your dentist uses, ask them when you are there for your next appointment.

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