Why Should You Store a Knocked-Out Tooth in Milk?

If you got punched in the face or fell and knocked out a tooth, you will need to see us right away for help. Odds are higher for children when it comes to saving a knocked-out tooth.

However, adult teeth can be saved as well as long as you follow a few guidelines. Besides coming to see us immediately or as soon as you can, there are a few things you can do to protect a knocked-out tooth until we can see if it can be reattached. Here are some of the tips you should follow for caring for a tooth that got knocked out.

Keep the Tooth Clean
There are some ways to keep your tooth clean until you can see us to reattach it for you. One thing you can do is either store it in milk or clean it with milk. The reason for storing it in milk or cleaning it with it is because milk contains proteins that can keep a constant acid to the alkaline ratio which is essential for keeping the tooth safe from damage.

You can use water if you need to, but milk is the best because water can cause the root cells to swell and burst, which in turn damages the tooth. You want to ensure it is safe until you get to us so we can fix it for you.

Handle the Tooth Carefully
Holding the tooth until getting it fixed the right way will keep it from getting ruined. Avoid holding it by the root as much as you can.

Keep it Moist
Keeping it as moist as you can until you see us is best. Hold it in water or milk, preferably milk if you can so it will keep it from ruin. If you cannot store it in milk, try holding it in your mouth until you get to our office. If you have to keep it in your mouth on the way here, try holding it in between the cheek and the gum to protect it.

Using the above tips and coming to our office as soon as possible is a good idea to not damage the tooth any more than it already is from being knocked out.