Warning Signs Your Mouth Needs Dental Care

Having good oral hygiene is not only important to your mouth, but to your overall health. In recent years scientific studies have tied your oral health to your physical health.

A dental examination can, not only identify dental problems, but will identify other serious health conditions. These are some of the warning signs your mouth needs dental care.

Bleeding Gums
If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, it may be time to come into the office and get it checked out. There are several reasons why your gums bleed, but it may be a warning sign that your mouth needs professional dental care.

Brushing too hard, gum disease or Gingivitis, or taking certain medications can cause bleeding gums, but it is critical to identify the root cause of the condition and get it treated before it gets worse.

Tooth Pain
You don’t have to live with pain or discomfort in your mouth. The most common reasons for tooth pain are decay, infection, or cavities. Our dentists and hygienists have the experience to treat these and other conditions that may be causing you pain.

Bad Breath
Bad breath can be caused by plaque and tartar which can only be removed with tools used by your hygienist in the dental office. Not taking care of plaque in your mouth can lead to more serious conditions such as tooth decay and tooth loss. Don’t wait to set up an appointment.

There are other warning signs your mouth needs dental care, for example a sore that doesn’t heal within a week or persistent dry mouth. Whether you want to improve your smile, or you feel that you have a more serious problem, visiting our office will put you at ease and you will get those problems fixed.