Tricks to Help You Stop Clenching Your Teeth When You Focus

One of the most common times to struggle with clenched teeth is when you are trying to focus on a task. Your mind is trying to figure out how to accomplish that task, and to put more effort behind it, you clench your teeth without even realizing it.

The next thing you know, your jaw hurts, and you feel yourself releasing the clench. This is not good for your teeth. It can leave you facing pain and dental repairs if you leave it as is. Instead, give these tricks a try to help you avoid clenching your teeth unknowingly.

You Do Not Have to Clench Your Teeth
A quick and simple way to avoid clenching your teeth is to open your mouth slightly when you focus on something. It takes a little bit of conscious effort to do this each time, but after a few days of doing it regularly, it will become second nature. You cannot clench your teeth if they are not touching, right?

You can also try putting your tongue between your teeth when you want to avoid clenching them. Whenever you need to focus, flatten your tongue out so that it slides between your teeth slightly.

Keep it there until you are done with whatever task you were trying to focus on. That way, if you do start to bite down, you will feel it on your tongue and stop.

There is a bit of mind over matter when it comes to avoiding clenching your teeth inadvertently. However, there are also treatment options available if you do not want to rely on willpower.

Reach out to us here and let us help you get your tooth clenching under control. We can help repair any dental damage that was done, too.