Times When You May Need to Redo a Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure in which the soft tissues of a tooth are removed and treated before the placement of a seal. While this is an efficient treatment and can often save your tooth, there may be times that a repeat root canal is necessary.

Why Did Your Root Canal Fail?
There are many reasons that your first root canal may have failed, requiring you to go in for a repeat treatment:

• Narrow root systems. During your root canal, the pathways inside of a tooth will be irrigated to remove the infected pulp. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to achieve in some teeth, as the canals are very narrow and hard to access. Additionally, these thin pathways can be difficult to disinfect, and some of the smallest canals are easy to overlook.
• Problems with the seal. If the seal fails, you will likely need to redo a root canal. In many cases, proper care of your teeth will help the seal to stay intact. However, a crack in the tooth could cause bacteria to move into the inner workings of the tooth again.
• The tooth was too damaged. If your tooth was severely damaged, it is possible that a root canal may not even be able to help. You may continue to experience symptoms, and in that case, your dentist may need to decide if a second root canal or some other treatment option is best.

Signs of a failed root canal are often similar to those that you originally experienced. They most often include tenderness, pain, and sensitivity, especially when tapping on the tooth.

If you are in need of a root canal, it is crucial that you choose a licensed dentist with experience in this complex procedure. Call us to learn more and to set up your evaluation.