The Connection Between Migraines and Oral Health Issues

Migraines, and headaches in general, are something that a lot of people tend to experience. Some people experience migraines frequently, others get them in certain situations or even at certain times of the year.

If migraines occur regularly, then a person’s health is carefully monitored. There are a lot of causes, but there is a tendency for many of them to be linked to the state of a person’s oral health.

How Your Teeth Affect Migraines
Some of the factors that affect migraines tend to include the jaw: those who tender muscles, for example, have a higher chance of experiencing them than those who do not.

According to research, migraine sufferers also have a high tendency to grind their teeth at night. In addition, general toothache can end up causing pain which is then spread throughout your head. This could include the back of your neck and even further up.

Find Out the Cause of Your Migraine
If you experience migraines very frequently then it is a good idea to seek out medical advice, but don’t forget to consider your oral health as well. If you experience toothache a lot, or happen to have cavities forming, you should certainly take this into consideration.

When it comes to oral health, it could be one of two things: the actual state of your teeth or your “bite” (i.e., whether you grind your teeth at night or in certain situations).

Finding out the exact cause takes a lot of preparation. Oral health has a very strong connection to migraines and therefore it is a good idea to come to us and find out what the dental problems could be. While migraines are painful, your oral hygiene could end up causing more harm if it is not checked out.

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