The Benefits of Using a Straw for All Your Beverages

Have you ever gone to drink something, either cold or hot, and had your teeth hurt when the liquid touched your teeth? This is often due to lower amounts of enamel on the teeth, causing tooth sensitivity.

One way to bypass this issue is by drinking everything through a straw. Instead of the liquid coming in contact with your teeth, it comes in contact with your tongue and the back of your mouth. This can spare you pain, as your teeth come in less contact with whatever you drink.

Additional Benefits of Using a Straw
Aside from helping when you have sensitive teeth, there is one other huge benefit of drinking with a straw that most people don’t notice until they try it.

The more you drink through a straw, the less likely your teeth are to succumb to staining. Since the liquid is coming in contact with your mouth typically behind your teeth, this can reduce how much staining your teeth endure from things like coffee, tea, and wine.

Beyond those benefits, one that your dentist will really like is that you decrease how much exposure your teeth have to sugary or acidic beverages. By drinking through a straw, the liquid goes further back in your mouth and down your throat before it has much time to damage or erode your teeth. This will help you face less problems with your teeth, including erosion from acids and cavities from sugary items.

To find out more about what benefits you could have by using a straw, contact our office at your next appointment. It may be something that can really help your oral health, and allow you to experience less pain from things you would have to be doing each day anyway. Find out more the next time you go in, and see how many benefits you could receive.