The Basics of How a Filling is Put in

Do you need to have a filling put in? If so, it can be worrisome to not know what to expect. For a dentist, a filling is one of the most common procedures they will ever perform, but for the patient, it can be totally unique.

If you have never had a filling before, you may want to ask your dentist what all goes into it. However, until you get there, here are the basic steps that go into you getting a filling.

Filling a Cavity
First, you need to have gotten diagnosed with a cavity in your tooth. Then, your dentist is going to numb the area with Novocain or a similar numbing agent. This will make it to where you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. Next, your dentist will take the drill and clean out the area of decay within your tooth.

Once the decaying area is clean, they will create the filling that will go in place of where the decay was. For small fillings, only a tiny bit of the filling material will need to be used. For larger fillings, your dentist may use a standard filling, or may opt for a crown to help keep the tooth safe and strong, and to hold the filling in place.

Contact our office about the procedure before it happens can help you feel more confident about having it done. They can explain to you how everything will go, and give you the ability to ask questions and have any input you want prior to getting started.

If you are nervous, they can also give you options that may help to take the edge off, like listening to music, or possibly nitrous oxide. Don’t be afraid to talk to your dentist. It can make the entire process easier.