Teeth in a Day in Lindale, TX

The dentists of The Center for Implant and General Dentistry, of Lindale, Texas recently appeared on East Texas Live to discuss their groundbreaking new dental procedure called Teeth In A Day

The All On 4 system uses four dental implants in each arch that are surgically implanted right into your jawbone. Standard implants often require a bone graft months beforehand in preparation for surgery, but this specific process uses implants that are longer and placed at an angle. 

Today, our patients tell us on a regular basis “I do not have the time for several different appointments to get my teeth fixed. It will just have to wait!” We don’t want our patients to wait for healthy, functional teeth. We explain to them on a regular basis: “With All on 4 Dental Implants, you can get new teeth in a day.” One day! At The Center for Implant and General Dentistry, Dr. Clay Keith and Dr. Paul Denson can have a patient come in with no healthy teeth and leave with a mouthful of beautiful, strong teeth in one visit. This makes most jaws drop!

This means that we do not have to worry about the amount of bone mass available. Working as an experienced team, Dr. Clay Keith or Dr. Paul Denson will insert your new teeth within hours…on the same day! Call us about our amazing Teeth In A Day.