Symptoms of a Dental Abscess you Need to Pay Attention to

Medically, an abscess can develop almost anywhere. Abscesses are basically infected swellings which develop in areas where bacteria has been allowed to accumulate and grow. In the dental field, most of the time they occur as a result of infected teeth.

They might also be caused by lacerations that happen in the inside of the mouth, but this is rare because of the antibacterial action of saliva, which makes sure any bacteria that might accumulate within these cuts and lesions are easily conquered.

Dental Abcess Symptoms
An abscess on the teeth is a serious condition, and the infection can very easily spread to other areas of the teeth. This is why it is important to deal with the situation as early as possible. Understanding the symptoms is the first step to doing that.

The most obvious symptom here is pain. Presence of an abscess is enough indication that the infection has spread to surrounding tissue, which often results in swelling and pain.

The pain, however, often comes during the later stages of the infection. During the early days, some of the more subtle signs and symptoms are a tender spot in the mouth.

This might not be much, though, but is usually characterized with some soreness. With time, the area becomes more tender, swells and becomes warm. This might either happen over a few days or even hours. Another symptom has to do with the color of the tooth.

The infected tooth will normally darken in color because of the dead pulp tissue that seeps into the porous sections of the tooth. Another symptom is the development of protrusion within the gum tissue, most of the time pinkish in color. It will almost always be filled with pus and needs to be drained.

The pain and discomfort almost always make it impossible not to seek medical care. Visit us today if you suspect you might have an abscess.

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