Snacks to Avoid for Good Oral Health

We all snack. We all have very busy schedules, and a meal isn’t always an option. A donut on the way to work, or a quick medium fries on the way home. We do not think a whole lot about what we put into our bodies.

However, the consequences still develop whether we prepare for them or not. There is a way to protect your oral health while still snacking. Just follow these guidelines on foods to avoid and plan around to find what works best for you.

What to Skip
Hard candies are a double whammy. They are full of sugar, which is harmful in and of itself, but the fact that they are hard leaves room for chips and cracks. On the same token, chewing ice is also a bad idea.

While it is just water, ice can wear away at your enamel and can easily chip your teeth. Citrus is fine, with caution. The acidity of these fruits can leave your enamel incredibly vulnerable, so keep an eye out for potentially substantial substitutions when you are craving a tangy snack.

Sticky foods, like taffy and other similar candies, are the worst. They not only tug and pull at your teeth, but also stay on your teeth much longer than any other food. Make sure to drink and rinse with water often and brush and floss very carefully.

Starch should also be limited, along with soda, as the sugar in sodas turns to acid with the bacteria in your mouth and attack enamel. Also, be sure to limit alcohol and sport drink consumption.

Most of your traditional snack food can still be eaten, just eat them in moderation. It is worth it to cut out a little bit if it means you can keep your teeth and enjoy them for longer, right? Make wise choices.

If you are ever unsure, be sure to contact our office. Some dental procedures might also cause food limitations, so be sure you know what is ok for you!