Root Canal Myths

Root Canal

Root canals are some of the most intimidating dental procedures a person can have done. No one is happy to hear when they need one and most people still believe many of the myths surrounding the procedure. If you’re scheduling your root canal here are the myths you need to know. 

Root Canal Root Canal Myth #1: It’s painful 

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is among the least painful procedures you can have done at a Columbus area dentist’s office! The myth about it being painful has been around for quite a long time. The last time root canals were painful was before the use of anesthetic to numb the area. The painful part most people think of is when they realize that they need a root canal; when their tooth is throbbing with pain from an infection. It’s not the root canal that hurts, we have anesthesia for that. It’s the infected tooth that’s painful. 

Root Canal Myth #2: It’s better to have the tooth extracted. 

The best teeth are your natural teeth.  It’s best to keep your original teeth whenever possible, which is why we even have root canals. Extracting a tooth exposes more areas to infection and disease. In addition, the teeth around the gap will often be used as a bridge to hold an artificial, replacement tooth in place. Nothing mimics your tooth exactly, your natural tooth is the best fit for YOUR smile. 

Root Canal Myth #3: Root Canals Lead to Infections

In 1910 some bad research was published claiming bacteria can enter the bloodstream through a root canal. Every report since has either refuted or been unable to replicate the original researcher’s findings. Root Canals are safe. Natural bacteria live in your mouth no matter how often you brush and clean your teeth, and that is not a bad thing. In fact, your body is programmed to kill bacteria in your bloodstream.

So now that you know the truth about root canals do you feel better about your upcoming appointment? We certainly hope so. Root Canals are not the enemy. Root canals are your natural tooth’s second chance.