Reasons for Having and Using a Night Guard

When you think about wearing a night guard, you may look at it as something that will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

You may think it is uncomfortable and that it is a pain to use. It is better if you do not have to wear a night guard, but that is not always the case. There are several ways that a night guard helps you.

What is It?
A night guard is a device that fits over the top of your teeth. It is placed in the mouth before you go to sleep. It is very similar to the mouthguards that football players use to prevent damage to the teeth. The purpose of the night guard is the same. It protects the teeth from damage that can happen while you sleep. Night guards use a mold of your teeth for the best fit. They are made from a mold, so they provide the most possible protection.

Reasons to Use a Night Guard
Knowing what a night guard is only one part of understanding the importance. The other part is understanding the reasons for a night guard.

• Teeth grinding – Many people grind their teeth at night. Grinding can cause teeth to wear down, chip or break. It can lead to a variety of problems. The night guard protects the teeth from causing damage from teeth grinding.
• TMJ – People with TMJ disorder experience many symptoms. The night guard can help adjust the jaw while you sleep to relieve the symptoms.
• Snoring – People that snore can turn to night guards to help them reposition their jaw and allow them to sleep without the snoring.

Using a night guard not only protects the teeth, it helps a person get a better night’s sleep. It can also help anyone sleeping nearby by reducing or eliminating the noise teeth grinding and snoring causes. Night guards also help reduce headaches and other problems. They are a minor inconvenience that solves many problems and improves your overall health.

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