Protecting Your Teeth After Having a Root Canal

You turn to root canal therapy because you have a problem with your teeth. The problem can result in pain or other issues that require the root canal. While no one wants to go through root canal therapy, there are times when it is necessary.

Because it is not something most people look forward to, it is a good idea to learn how to protect your teeth after the root canal to prevent more problems.

Root Canal is a Minor Surgical Procedure
While it is something done in an office, the root canal therapy is a minor surgical procedure. The root canal changes the structure of the tooth. The treatment weakens the tooth by removing the inside of the tooth.

To protect the weakened tooth, a crown is often placed over it. The crown is usually put into place after giving time for the tooth to heal from the procedure. In the meantime, you can take other steps to help keep your tooth safe.

Steps to Protect
The steps to protect the tooth fall into a few categories. You need to do things to prevent damage to the tooth. You need to do things to care for the tooth and you need to do things to manage any pain from the treatment.

• Avoid Certain Foods – hard foods, sticky foods, acidic and sugary foods are not something to enjoy after root canal. They can end up damaging the weakened tooth.
• Cleaning the Tooth – It is still important to brush and floss but take extra care around the affected tooth as it heals. Take a little extra time while cleaning the teeth to avoid causing problems.
• Pain Medications – Prescription painkillers and over the counter medications can help manage any pain after the root canal.

While these steps can help protect the tooth after root canal, things do happen. It is important to recognize the difference between normal pain and something more serious. If pain persists or you notice any other problems surrounding the teeth, contact a dental professional for more help.

If you want help with this or any other dental issue, contact the professionals at our offices.