New Year New Smile

New Year, New SmileA new year and a new you. That is usually the motto everyone hears in Lindale this time of year. We all like to make resolutions to try to make ourselves a little better when a new year comes around. But have you thought of making any resolutions when it comes to your dental health? Maybe we should be thinking, new year, new smile. 

We have some great simple tips for you so you can make this the best year ever when it comes to having a better smile. 

Better Smile Tip #1- Brush more often

Did you know that 31% of Americans don’t brush their teeth twice a day? And 2% admitted that they don’t brush them at all!! Brushing your teeth is essential to a better smile this new year. If you just can’t seem to remember to brush while rushing around in the mornings, try setting yourself a reminder on your phone. 

Learning to stick to a routine better is always a good resolution to have this year as well. It is also important to brush before bed to help protect your teeth against plaque buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay. 

Better Smile Tip #2- Adjust your diet to a more smile friendly one

New Year, New SmileA diet change is always a popular new year’s resolution, and a lot of the changes that are good for your overall health are going to be good for your smile as well. Sugary foods and drinks are not great for your teeth, the sugar attracts bad bacteria that can cause cavities in your teeth. Switching to drinking water is best for your health and your teeth, it promotes saliva production and washes away food particles. 

Eating veggies, fruits, and other foods that are high in antioxidants can help reduce gum disease and reduce inflammation. 

Better Smile Tip #3- Quit Smoking 

 Smoking is known to cause tooth discoloration, cavities, gum recession, gum disease, a variety of cancers, and other oral health issues. This is true for smokeless tobacco as well. To put in plainly it is not good for your overall health or your oral health. 

Quitting smoking can definitely help you create a better smile for the new year. Once you stop smoking, your risk for many of the oral health issues does decrease. Your dentist, physician, or cessation support programs can help. 

Better Smile Tip #4- Make a semi-annual checkup appointment

If you are looking to make a change this year to a better smile, there isn’t a better way than to start visiting your local Lindale dentist for your semi-annual checkups. Having your regular checkups ensures that small dental problems can be caught before they turn into anything of bigger concern. We can monitor your dental health so that you start 2021 off right. Give us a call so that we can get you off on the right track for that better smile today.