Is Men’s Oral Health Different Than Women’s Oral Health?

At a young age, we learn that men and women are different. As we get older, some of the differences become even more obvious. Despite the many differences, there are also some things that people may think are the same for both men and women.

Their oral health is one area where they may not see that much difference. They think that men and women brush their teeth the same way, but does not tell the whole story. There are differences in the oral health of men and women.

Physical Differences
The structure of the mouth and teeth is no different for men or women. But the way their boy’s work does create some differences in oral health. When a woman is pregnant, there is a difference in their oral health. They are more likely to develop problems with gingivitis. Women have to take better care of their teeth during this time if they do not want to develop more serious problems.

There are some things that men are more likely to deal with than women. Men are at a higher risk for oral cancer, oral HPV and sleep apnea. There are many reasons for men and women to have different risk factors concerning their oral health, including hormones, genetics and lifestyle choices.

The Approach to Oral Health
While there are physical differences in men and women’s oral health, the bigger difference is found in their approach to oral health, Women are much more proactive when it comes to dental care. They are more likely to practice good habits regularly than men are.

They are more likely to schedule visits to our offices twice a year than men. They are more diligent when it comes to thinking about how the choices they make today will impact their oral health later.

The good news is that many of the differences between men and women’s oral health are things they can control. They can make choices to protect their teeth and gums. The only thing they have to decide whether they will do it or not.

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