Indulging in Strawberries This Spring Can Help to Whiten Your Teeth

Strawberries are not eaten as often as they should be. While naturally sweet, there is also a hint of tart to the strawberry, which makes it to where quite a few people add sugar to them. This takes away from their nutritional value, which your body needs. Strawberries are incredibly nutritious little berries, and they are good for all parts of your body.

How Strawberries Are Good for Your Teeth
When you bite into strawberries, all of the little parts of the strawberry begin to rupture and coat your teeth. Strawberries are natural cleaners, and are great at cleaning your teeth when you regularly sink your teeth into them. Strawberries are good at cleaning because they are acidic, but the acid content is significantly lower than citrus fruits.

The acids slowly break down some of the top-level stains on your teeth, and leave you with a whiter smile over time. You would have to eat some of them every day for an extended period of time to see a significant difference. However, if you take two or three strawberries a day and build them into your diet, it can really help increase the brightness of your smile.

If you don’t want to bite right into the strawberry, you can also crush the berry and eat it as part of a yogurt mix or even as a smoothie. Just make sure you don’t add so much sugar that the fruit becomes bad for you. Eat a little at a time, and enjoy the taste of the berry itself.

For more tips on keeping your teeth whiter, contact our office. They may even be able to help you with cosmetic whitening, which can give you bright, white teeth in the duration of a short, in-office whitening procedure.