Important Facts to Know Prior to a Root Canal

If you are a candidate for a root canal, you may have many questions about the treatment and expectations that will accompany it. Here are a few of the more important facts you should know about root canals, before getting the procedure done.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Painful
There are many anesthetic options available to patients, depending on their sensitivity, available time, and relative tooth health. This can range from fast acting and brief topical numbing agents, to more powerful pain medication dispensed before the appointment to take in advance, to being eased into a drug-induced comatose state during the entire procedure (be sure to arrange for transportation for the stronger options, as you likely won’t be fit to drive for some time afterwards.)

Why You Need One
Root canals are one of the most extreme procedures the average patient will see, and they are almost never the first option exercised. Root canals are an extraction and removal of the pulp (nerves, blood vessels, and tissues) of the root of the tooth, when they are infected beyond recovery or possibly already deceased. It is important to remove the pulp matter once the damage reaches this state.

This is not just for your comfort, but also to prevent the necrotic damage from spreading to the bones and other connective tissues inside your mouth, or even throughout your body in extreme cases.

The Damage Gets Worse the Longer You Wait
The more you delay a root canal treatment, the more time the disease and damage has to affect the rest of the tooth, and potentially the rest of your mouth. Once a tooth is extremely damaged, it will be too late for a root canal to save it, and a full extraction may be necessary to restore your dental health. While there are options to restore the look and function of your mouth afterwards, nothing beats keeping your natural teeth.

If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming root canal, or need to schedule an appointment to have one done, please give us a call promptly so we can address your unique needs as our patient.

We guarantee to get to the root of the problem!