Important Facts About Root Canal Therapy

If your dentist has brought up a root canal, chances are, you had a bit of nerves pop up. There is something about that procedure that causes a lot of people to worry.

The truth is, having a root canal is often one of the most comprehensive procedures you will have done, but it is also one of the safest when your goal is to save a problematic tooth.

What You Need to Know Before Having a Root Canal Done
There are a few things that you should know prior to having a root canal done. First of all, more than 4/5 of patients that have a root canal done, go back to that same dentist for future procedures due to the positive experience it provides them. This should help reassure you that if you get a root canal, it is going to be a positive experience.

A root canal is done as an attempt to save an infected tooth. It is a lot less damaging to your mouth than an extraction, and it often gives you much better results, too. It is done with your tooth being numb, but nearly everyone that has the procedure done, says by the end of it, you have no pain to speak of.

When your root canal is done, you will have a crown placed, giving you back the structural integrity of your tooth, and allowing you to move on safely with your life.

A root canal is often a feared procedure, but it shouldn’t be. If you are about to have one done, don’t fear it. It is mean to help you, and that is what it will do. Contact our office today about your fears, and let him or her calm them. This is a procedure that will benefit the overall health of your mouth.