How You Can Tell If Your Filling Has Come Loose

Often times, you will already know that your dental filling has fallen out.

It is especially obvious when you are eating a snack and you bite down on something really hard. Other times, your tongue will tell you that something is different with your mouth.

You, and your tongue, know your mouth better than anyone or anything else. Although it can be obvious most of the time when a filling has come loose, here are a few different signs that will tell you for sure that it is falling out or if it already has.

You Start to Have Teeth Pain
If your teeth start to hurt from sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks or even the cold winter air, something is wrong. It could be that your dental filling has come loose or has already fallen out. Once you start to feel pain, it is time to contact your dentist right away to get the help you need.

Your Tongue Tells You Something is Off
Your tongue will go straight to the area where something is off in your mouth and this will let you know something is wrong. Your tongue will keep automatically going to that same spot until you see a dentist and get the help you need for your filling coming loose. See a dentist as soon as possible to get it replaced.

Contact us right away once you realize your filling has become loose or has fallen out. We will replace it right away for you. Fillings may be made of mercury, but they do not last forever and are a temporary fix for your dental problems.

We can replace any fillings that have come loose or have fallen out already. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (903) 231-6605 today.