Dentists Can Do a Lot to Help with Anxiety If You Simply Talk to Them

Dental anxiety, whether mild or severe, is thought to affect nearly 75 percent of Americans, both adults and children. Dental procedures are so widely-feared that dentists and others in the field have been looking for the best solutions for patients for many years.

Through the use of anything from pharmacological agents to relaxation and breathing techniques, patients have been able to get through a visit to their dentist successfully and have been able to maintain their dental health. We can help you, as well, if you suffer from anxiety!

Options for Treating Dental Anxiety
Pharmacological Management – Sedation has had a huge effect on patient comfort in the chair. Depending on your degree of anxiety and the severity of the procedure, if you opt for pharmacological management, you may experience the different types of sedation. Conscious oral sedation involves taking a pill or two before your procedure.

They can either relax you or cause a semi-conscious state, whichever works best for you. Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, works quickly to lift your tension and wears off quickly after the procedure. For more invasive visits, IV sedation can be used, as well.

Non-pharmacological Management – For those on the lower end of the anxiety spectrum, distraction techniques like movies, noise-canceling headphones, or relaxing music/environment/aromatherapy are proven effective.

For those who may need a little more help, things like breathing exercises, reflexology and even self-hypnosis or acupuncture may bring the patient through their visit beautifully.

No matter the cause of your fear, you certainly don’t have to fear your dentist. Making a phone call to discuss options and to find a comfortable way to endure your visit can make a huge impact on your dental health, and even more, on your overall health- as they are certainly linked. Call our office today and let us discover your silver bullet for the beast of dental anxiety!