Dental Problems That Are Not Exactly Dental Emergencies

Dental problems can arise at any point in your life. When this happens, seeing our dentist is the best way to have the situation handled. However, which problems are considered an emergency, and which can wait until tomorrow?

Know the difference between the two so that you can easily find the help you need, when you need it. This can help everyone decide whether or not they need the help tonight or if they can wait until tomorrow.

Dental Emergencies vs Non-Emergencies
Dental problems are typically easy to tell when they are emergencies, as compared to those that may not require you to get immediate care from us. Fillings or cleanings are not something that requires a visit to our office right away, while abscesses, infections, extreme pain, or swelling might warrant a trip to reduce the pain the person is feeling and to remove the infection. Any pain that can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications can usually wait until another day.

Generally, if there is not an abscess or infection in the mouth or the mouth is not bleeding or missing a tooth, it is not an emergency. Generally, those that are in extreme pain can see our dentists for help correcting the issue so that they can feel more comfortable.

Patients that are having extreme pain or think they have an infection should always speak with our office regarding treatment plans. When this is not available, speaking with a physician regarding an antibiotic is the next step. They can help when our office is closed.

Speak with our office today if you feel that you have a dental emergency. Being in pain is not fun and you should receive the best help. Our dental professionals are here to help with any dental issues you may be having that you need help with. Call us today to learn more.