Bleaching Your Teeth Too Much Can Backfire

If you tend to really like white teeth to the point of regular bleaching, be careful. If you bleach your teeth too much, it can quickly become a problem. The more you try and bleach your teeth, the more yellow the enamel can appear.

This is because bleaching causes the enamel on your teeth to thin out. The dentin behind that enamel is a yellow color, and the thinner the enamel is, the more yellow it appears.

Dangers with Excessive Dental Bleaching
The more you bleach your teeth, the more damage the bleaching chemicals can do to your teeth. Some chemicals are harsher than others. There are even some that claim to do no damage whatsoever to your teeth. However, none of them are proven to be safe over the course of long-term repeated use.

Bleaches thin your enamel, and they tend to cause increased tooth sensitivity. Your teeth are covered in microscopic holes, so when you bleach your teeth, that bleach leeches into those holes. The chemicals fry the nerves and leaves them more susceptible to temperature and flavor changes.

That means when you eat or drink something hot or cold, your teeth will likely hurt. Sometimes when you eat or drink something bitter or sweet, you will find your teeth ache, all because of the chemicals used to bleach your teeth.

Your teeth can be safely whitened, but you must do it at traditional intervals. Doing it too often leaves your teeth at risk. It simply isn’t worth the risk of damage that could happen to your teeth.

Talk with your dentist about how often is safe for you to bleach your teeth, and don’t exceed that schedule. Keeping your teeth white between bleaching times can just involve using the right toothpaste and eating foods that won’t stain your teeth.

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