Back To School Dental Tips

The time has come in Lindale for all kiddos to go back to school. You’ve spent so much time making sure that those backpacks, lunch boxes, and binders are ready. But it is so important to make sure that your family’s smiles are ready for the new school year. 

Did you know that an estimated 51 million school hours per year are lost in the U.S. because of dentalrelated illnesses? To make sure that your children are getting the most out of their school year, keep their dental hygiene and dental health at their best. 

We have some great tips to keep you and your family’s smiles at their best at the start of this school year and all year round. 

Back To School Dental Checkup

The best way to make sure that your family gets off to the best start for the school year is to schedule your semi-annual dental checkup. You may think of these appointments as just a cleaning, but they are so much more than that. 

During your and your family’s appointment, your dental team will do routine cleaning to remove any plaque that has built up over the last six months since your last appointment. This is important to ensure that the plaque buildup doesn’t turn into eventual tartar formation. This formation can lead to gingivitis where the gums are inflamed, swollen, and bleed. The calcification of the tartar can also lead to periodontitis

Your dental team will also check for any signs of other greater dental problems. If you or your children are showing any signs of issues such as a cavity or oral cancer, you want it found sooner rather than later. It is much easier to treat as a small problem in terms of treatment as well as financially. 

Have Good Dental Hygiene Habits

Keeping on top of dental hygiene combined with your visits to the dentist is the optimum way to keep your teeth in the best shape this school year. And sometimes, no matter our age, we need reminders on what good dental hygiene looks like.

Even though your days will be a lot busier come this fall, it is important to carve those few minutes out each morning and evening to brush and floss your teeth. Brushing 2 minutes each morning and each evening make a dramatic difference, along with flossing once a day.

Instilling good dental hygiene habits at a young age can ensure that they continue throughout the years. And can help reduce the number of times your child has to visit the dentist for unscheduled dental appointments. 

Keep On Top of Dental Emergencies

Dental checkups along with good habits do tend to reduce a lot of dental problems ahead of time. However, dental emergencies do arise. And it is important that you are prepared for them in case they happen. 

With school in session, you are likely to have your student involved in more sports activities and it would be wise to talk to your Lindale dental team about using a sports mouthguard to protect their smiles. They can help reduce the likeliness of missing or chipped teeth while participating in sports this school year. 

And if your family members do experience a dental emergency, it is important to always keep your local dentist’s number on hand. This way, you can call and see if your issue needs to be addressed immediately so that the number of school days missed is reduced. 

Call us For All Your Family’s Dental Needs 

No matter your dental needs this school year, we are here to help. We know you are working hard to get everyone back to school safely this year. And we want to help you make sure your family’s dental health is at its best. 

And as always, please be sure to keep our number handy in case any dental emergencies arise this year, (903) 231-6605.