5 Benefits Of Teeth In One Day Procedures

5 Benefits Of Teeth In One Day Procedures

If you are missing teeth, you’re probably anxious to restore your smile as quickly as possible. A teeth in one day procedure can make that happen.

1. Time

In the past you may have been required to wear full or partial dentures while your implants healed. Now, teeth in one day procedures allow you to get your surgery and your new teeth all in the same day.

Traditional implants are done over a time period of six months to more than 12 months. That’s because you might need to have surgery to extract your teeth and prepare for implants with bone grafting and sinus lifting. You’ll need time to heal from that before your implants can be placed.

Next, you’ll need another surgery for the implants themselves, and more time to heal. After that, impressions will be created in a laboratory, and that process alone takes several more weeks. At last, when they are returned, they’ll be placed in your mouth.

Thankfully, the technology involved in teeth in one day procedures provides your implants with the stability to keep them from moving. That means you can heal all at once and go home with your new teeth already in place.

2. Fewer Implants

When you need to replace multiple teeth, as can be the case for people who need to have all of their teeth pulled, a procedure called all-on-four is a great option. Rather than requiring a separate implant for each tooth, all-on-four allows you to replace your entire arch of teeth with only four implants.

Traditional implants necessitate procedures to build up your bone. That means you’ll need multiple surgeries and time to heal between each one. With an all-on-four procedure, you won’t usually need bone grafting. The way the teeth are placed allows the entire arch to be stable with just four implants that are placed in areas where your jaw bone is naturally thicker.

3. Lower Cost

Because teeth in one day procedures are done in fewer visits and often with fewer implants, the cost may be lower than having traditional implants, where individual teeth are replaced over time.

4. Increased Comfort

Since the entire procedure is completed in one day and the implants are placed in such a way that they don’t move during the healing process, patients frequently find that teeth in one day procedures are more comfortable than traditional implants.

We prioritize your comfort and relaxation in our private suite. Our patients report very little discomfort during the procedure or in the days after.

5. Getting Back To Normal

No one wants to walk around with a broken smile. One of the biggest benefits of teeth in one day procedures is that you don’t experience long periods of time with missing teeth. You can get your new teeth on the same day as your surgery, and because of the increased stability, you can go back to eating normally fairly quickly. Teeth in one day procedures provide implants that are as close as you can get to natural teeth.

Many people are self-conscious about dentures and bridges. With teeth in one day procedures, you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of dentures coming loose while you’re speaking. In fact, you can expect little disruption to your everyday life. Our patients are generally able to resume normal activities in just one or two days!

If you’d like to learn more about how a teeth in one day procedure can restore your smile, and whether this procedure is right for you, contact us for a consult today.