4 Ways Dental Implants Improve Your Smile

Dental Implants

A smile is the earth’s universal language!

It’s the first thing people notice about you and how many great friendships are started! Those that don’t feel confident in their smile miss out on genuine moments of human connection. If a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth make you feel incomplete and lack confidence in your smile, dental implants could be the solution you need to improve your smile!

We are going to dive into 4 ways that dental implants will improve your smile, let you connect with the world again, and ultimately increase your quality of life! 

#1: One Procedure Gives You Teeth for a Lifetime!

Losing teeth is a scary and permanent event. Adult teeth don’t grow back, and once they’re gone, that’s it. Thankfully, dental implants are a permanent solution that you don’t have to worry about replacing. They fuse to your bone, making them a permanent feature in your mouth and giving you peace of mind that your smile will always be complete.

#2: They Feel and Look Natural, Restoring Your Confidence!

While sporting some gaps in your smile is not ideal, it may be just as worrisome to wear dental devices that clearly stand out against your natural teeth. Dental implants are custom-made to look and feel just like your natural teeth! With dental implants, you won’t worry about close-quarter conversations or hiding your smile, they are made to blend in and will leave others none the wiser!

#3: They Prevent Bone Loss

While aesthetically, missing teeth can cause you grief, they also can negatively impact your health. When you lose teeth, your jawbone can start to deteriorate without your tooth anchored in. Loss of jawbone and leave your mouth and jaw shape visibly changed. The more bone you lose, the less stable your other teeth can become.

Dental implants anchor into your jawbone, not only stabilizing the implant, but also the bone! It helps protect the overall health of your mouth.

#4: Helps Keep the Integrity of the Rest of Your Teeth

When you have a full mouth of teeth, their position is stabilized because they have teeth around them keeping them in place. If you lose teeth, it leaves gaps in the anatomy of your teeth. Your remaining teeth will begin to shift and move to fill the spaces left from the teeth you lost.

Because dental implants act like natural teeth, they will fill the empty spaces within your smile and will stop the rest of your teeth from migrating.

Dental implants improve your smile. Are you ready to shine?

When you have so many choices available to you daily, it’s hard to know the right route to take. Thankfully, with today’s technology, you have the power to research and make an educated decision on what’s best for you.

If you decide you’re ready for an experienced dental team to complete your smile with dental implants, call The Center for Implant and General Dentistry at (903) 231-6605 and schedule your consultation today!